Europe’s gardens and parks. Some were inspired by pavilions in Chinese and Ottoman gardens. In the 19e century, more music kiosks appeared, wood making room for cast iron. These structures were richly decorated. Today, GHM maintains this tradition in manufacturing its Virtouse kiosks. Because of their rustic classic appearance, they make a wonderful meeting point in parks and squares.


Architectural description
GHM bandstands are manufactured, delivered and installed as a turnkey service. They are composed of a moulded concrete basement, a rough concrete slab of a strength of 500 kg/m2. The structure is cast iron supporting a zinc roof with panelling underside. The power supply and lighting is housed in a general control cabinet according to specifications. All the models have a 10 year warranty (ten year warranty terms).

Depending on the types:

- Interior lighting using embedded spotlights (LEDs).
- Load speakers fitted to the top with a surrounding mesh.
- Galvanised frame
- Balustrade model
- Base (including civil engineering drawings crated using a ground survey to be provided).

All the cast iron elements are treated against corrosion by zinc coating or by a polyurethane paint, colour RAL 6009 or 8017, completed by a general finishing coat on site. Following assembly, the slats and bands are protected using a light oak protective treatment. Other RAL colours are available on request.

To find out more about our Virtouse kiosks, please download the brochure.