Do you need French balconies for your projects?

In the past 170 years, GHM SA has provided tens of thousands of homes with cast iron balcony, staircase and wall fencing. Hundreds of different models in just as many sizes have come into existence in our factory in Sommevoire (France).


Our brochure dedicated to French balconies presents different regular French balconies
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Creation: Creating your project
Architectural styles change. However, even the most sober styles need perfectly harmonized accessories. Our design office will produce the required parts using your drawings and is there to help you with your design. This approach is applicable to all styles of parts and all the product families in this catalogue.

Restoration: The perfect answer to your needs
For the restoration of a building, GHM can offer you specific services allowing you to replace damaged or missing decorative hardware parts with identical copies. Full or partial casts will be taken from an existing part. We can then produce the parts needed for the restoration.


A prestige real estate development Using sketches, and in partnership with Claude Balick the architect and Dumez, we were able to meet the aesthetic and technical requirements in compliance with applicable standards. A significant operation with over 1000 products created, manufactured and installed by GHM.

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French balconies