LED Modules

ECLATEC’s range of LED solutions consists partly of dedicated luminaires, whose components are an integral part of the devices, but especially of luminaires that can take easily separable modules.

This is the case for the following modules:

ORALED 1: Elyxe, Reflex, Elipt 45, Chorus 45, Metro 45, Indice 500, Tsana 45, Nismo, Odelia 550, Perle and Chenonceaux III
ORALED 2: Elipt 55, Chorus 55, Metro 55, Indice 620, Tsana 55, indice conic, Ysalis and Odelia 670


ZEDLED B: Idylle, Orientis
ZEDLED C: Texto, Buzz

ZEDLED_B.jpg#asset:10048       ZEDLED_C.jpg#asset:10049

PADLED: PADLED 1: Tilt T1, PADLED 2: Tilt T2, PADLED 3: Tilt T3, PADLED 4: Tilt T4


KIDLED: Mamba, Amarante


TABLED 2: Moana, Clip, Murena, Paleo, Eclat, Taiga


LEOLED:  Reflex Indirect


SOMLED:  Stanza, Beauregard II


BLS LED strips: Tweet S1/X1, S2/X2, S3/X3, Zelda S1/X2, S2/X2, Sonata, Pixel 1 and 2, Ixis 1 and 2, Enza, Zesto, Tsana X, Taiga (bollard), Trek, Pixel (bollard)


These modules are what make our solutions upgradeable and interchangeable. They ensure the continuity of repairs and replacement in future years.

Optical distributions (LED lenses and reflectors)

A large choice of optical distributions, each targeted for a different use, makes LED solutions even more efficient.

The photometric distributions offered cover the following uses:

.EC.: Uniform distribution of light around the luminaire, particularly suitable if the luminaire is in the centre of the area to be lit (car park, park, ...)

ECL: large circular lighting distribution

.ER.: Road-type spatial distribution for narrow to wide roads, particularly suited to .ME. type projects under EN 13201, for which luminance is not the main criterion.

ER-type distributions mean that the poles can be spaced further apart, whilst still providing good uniformity of illuminance.

ERE: narrow road luminance
ERS: standard road luminance
ERL: wide road luminance

.LR.: Road-type spatial distribution for narrow to wide roads, particularly suited to .ME. type projects under EN 13201.

This class concerns roads subject to sustained vehicle traffi c.

LR-type distributions provide excellent visual uniformity, as well as a high level of user comfort.

LRS: standard road luminance
LRL: wide road luminance
LRM: mixed road Luminance

.EP.: Luminaire placed upstream of the crossing section, in the moving traffi c direction, for a two-way street application

EPD: pedestrian crossing lighting Right

Luminaire in addition to EPD, placed upstream of the crossing section, for wide one-way street application

EPG: pedestrian crossing lighting Left

ASY: asymetric monolense for the lighting of architectural emphasis

PFI: Narrow beam spread

PFM: Medium beam spread

PFL : Large beam spread

EAH: Dedicated LED module for accessibility of disabled persons (PMR)


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