GHM SA specialist in metalworking

The company, founded in 1837, now employs 600 people.
Based in the Northeast of France, its main factories work cast iron, aluminium, bronze and steel. We also carry out the machining, assembly and finishing operations required on their products.


GHM’s products are mainly intended for:

Public amenities (GHM SA): poles, brackets and luminaires for street lighting, street furniture.
Private customers (Fonte d’Art de Dommartin): fountains, garden furniture and decorative items.

GHM above all is a fantastic creative force, backed by a unique set of design and manufacturing resources. Its history is rich with prestigious projects: Wallace drinking fountains, the lighting on the Champs-Elysées, the Alexandre III bridge, Guimard Paris Metro entrances.

Today first and foremost GHM designs and sells contemporary solutions.

- Design and production engineering departments
- Hand moulding (sand casting)
- Semi-mechanised foundry lines
- Automated foundry
- Heavy metal sheet fabrication
- Robotic pressing, cutting and welding lines
- Machining and assembly facilities
- Power coating and liquid painting lines

Poles, lamp posts and luminaires
GHM manufactures a wide range of cast iron, steel and aluminium poles in all styles and for all uses: contemporary or classic solutions, decorative or functional applications and tall street lighting installations provide a wide pallet of choice.

The products are carefully designed, subjected to mechanical strength simulations and of course meet all the relevant standards.
A large selection of luminaires completes GHM’s offering.

Street furniture
For over 100 years, GHM has been designing and selling benches, bollards and posts, fencing, litter bins, planters and drinking fountains in styles ranging from classic to contemporary.
The robust quality of these items and their careful design guarantee that they remain serviceable and unanimously appreciated by city dwellers over long periods of time.


Product lines
GHM’s metalworking and engineering know-how, combined with the group’s mastery of lighting have led it to create coherent ranges of street lighting and street furniture that share a strong common aesthetic identity and convey an impression of order and reason.

Support poles for tram networks
GHM offers some remarkable cast iron masts to support overhead tram lines; the use of cast iron offers incomparable freedom of design, elegant integration of accessories, reduced mast diameters and unfailing robustness.


Special projects
As well as standard product, GHM is open to any architectural and urban development project likely to involve its dedicated design and manufacturing capabilities.


DomMartin Art Casting

• Les Fontes d’Art de Dommartin (in Dommartin le Franc, Haute-Marne region of France) designs and sells garden equipment (fountains, furniture, vases and bowls, lighting) and interior equipment (fireplace utensils) for private use.


The group is family owned. Attentiveness to customers, product quality, quality of service and product and process innovation are all values shared by each group company.

They are the driving force behind GHM's recent growth.